Integrated ERP-CRM solution

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Learn and integrate  ERP-approach together with the team!


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) — organizational integration strategy for manufacturing, operations, HR, financial and asset management. Provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes, using common databases, maintained by a database management system.

ERP-system — particular software package that implements ERP strategy

ERP-approach, as a tool to join parts into the whole:

  • PBM & MRP

  • PBM & HR/Recruiting

  • PBM & Sales/Marketing

  • PBM & Finance

Use KPI and basic quality-effectiveness indicators on the dashboards in ODOO.

Odoo CMS - это большая картина

Integrated ERP-CRM solution

All you need in a single system


Odoo CMS - это большая картина

Mandatory instruments of successful  business

We build reliable and high-quality engines for your ideas


Correct marketing and sales model

  • Digital marketing 

  • Internet marketing 

  • CRM-approach and system

  • Modern Communications 

  • High-quality service 

Believing in success, well-coordinated team

  • HR management 

  • Recrutment management

  • Motivation

  • Improvement of skill level

  • Modern Communications 

  • Project management 

  • 3 level management

High quality of financial management 

  • Revenue budget

  • Expenditure budget 

  • Cash flow budget

  • Financial planning

  • Indicator analysis 

  • Balance, P&L, Cashflow

Growing business success formula

High customer satisfaction rate with the help of professionals who believe in the ideas of the owner


Odoo CMS - это большая картина